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The process our classics go through

History brought back to the future


Everything gets scrutinized and repaired.

Origional replacements

Missing components are replaced by original parts.

Origional parts

We try to find original accessories.


Everything gets tested extensively.

Signed, sealed, delivered

It's yours


A video of the product test is sent to the customer.


And photo's of the packaging process are added.


Customers can track their package every step of the way.


Once delivered, an email is sent to make sure everything went according to plan.

Our brokering service

Kill your darlings

Our brokering service gives you the opportunity to sell your instrument without the hassle before, during and after the sale. We sell the instrument for you to one of our customers around the world and become responsible for the handling, shipping and service.

How does this work?

Contact us by mail if you want to work with our brokering service. We email you with the sales price we think we can get. If you agree with our offer you send or bring your instrument to us. If you’re not used to ship items we can also pick up the item at your address by DHL. When the instrument arrived here, we’ll test it and estimate if it needs service. If needed, we bring it to a tech for a service. When serviced, we make photo’s and list it on our website. When the item is sold we pay you.

What are the costs?

Items with a sales price below €3500

The costs to ship the item(s) to us will be paid by you. We pay for the service costs. 25% of the total price will be our commission. You’ll receive 75% of the sales price when the item is been sold.

Items with a sales price above €3500

The costs to ship the item(s) to us will be paid by you. We pay for the service costs. Before we put the item for sale we confirm a price you get if the item will be sold. The amount above this price is our commission.